Thank you for reaching out to my site and let me introduce myself and my expertise briefly.

A subject of how to create and keep developing a healthy, joyous, and authentic relationship with others as well as with ourselves has been my life-long passion, A dedication that I truly enjoy sharing with the world. 


I have a myriad of practical solutions for the difficult situations people face in their relationships and day to day lives. However, as much as the pragmatic tools go, I believe every single challenge requires an insightful, intuitive, and caring approach and that is something I deem myself being genuinely and naturally skilled at. In other words, I don't just "coach from a book", I base my support and teachings on listening to closely and looking at all the riches and layers of one's psyche. The environment one lives in, the habits he or she holds or the history of one's life is just as important to add to an equation.


I am not afraid, to be honest about what I think or what comes up with clients and if that also means being straight and maybe a bit tough or challenging, I will be it. That said, I consider myself being gifted at getting to the heart of the issue, quickly and sensitively.


I can turn your perceived "disadvantages or mistakes" to gifts, or your experienced traumas and wounds, into life experiences and lessons that will serve you instead of hold you back. I can say with confidence, after helping countless individuals and couples, that with your help and willingness to change and progress, I am able to find a formula that will suit your particular life situation and will take you where you want it to. As my favorite quote says, "Where there's a will, there's a way".


At the same time, a fair level of openness and cooperation is required from your side. Simply put, the more input from you, the more output from me and greater and quick results for you. The bigger picture I can draw, the finer formula for your regained state of happiness, aliveness, and prosperity I can deliver.

dream it.

believe it.

achieve it.

© 2020 by Martin Kubec