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->  Have you lost the bond, the loving connection you’ve had with your partner?  <-

->  Do you wish to re-ignite the spark, bring the passion and eroticism back?  <-

->  Has your sex life been the same for far too long and you wish to spice it up?  <-

->  Is there a big elephant in your home and both of you’re ignoring it?  <-

->  Is the trust and respect you’ve had disappearing or it’s gone entirely? <-

These are just few of the challenges modern couples face and if any of it rings a bell for you, or you have a different un-ease, please get in touch and let me help you.

As they say, the issue is not always the issue and with my set of tools and your willingness, I will help you to expose the root cause of your difficulties. Once that is clear, a fine-tuned way forward, set of practical instructions and guidance will be provided to you and your partner.

Ladies and gentleman, this 2-months long journey will be like taking all the nicely laid pieces of metal and building an Eiffel Tower – the magnificent, strong, grand and alluring “object” that withstands all the weather and shines bright and far in day and night.

We will be looking at every single aspect of your relationship as well as your separate day to day lives. We will not leave any stone unturned, we will dig deep and find what’s in the way of you having the most exciting and alive relationship based on love, kindness, respect and filled with passion and adoration.

As dreamy or unreachable as it may sound, trust me, it is possible and available to you. Let me guide you...


As much as I wish to be of a contribution to you, we might not be the right match...I might not have all the answers, solutions nor the right questions for you and your current life situation. SO...

In order for both of us to get the most of our connection, let's chat strings attached, "friend to a friend" confidential chat.

Please BOOK a FREE discovery call below, I will get in touch.

When we establish we do fancy spending some time together, I'd offer either the 1-2-1 one-off session or more likely, my popular & life-changing 2-months program, as described above.

Price for the 2-months program is: £850

What do you receive?

8 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours (once a week)

Email & SMS Support

Access to my FB Group