Addictive behaviours

I am sure you will agree with me, that this is a killer if it comes to being perceived as attractive. Either being it the TV, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gaming, porn, gambling, you name it. Well, even sugar is a huge addiction, but it’s so wide spread, that no one really cares any more.

And why is that, what is addiction? In simple words, it’s a prison.

A prison that first of all drains your energy and attention, the levels you can spend on doing something that can actually contribute to you. A prison that keeps a person tight to a one certain way of living, making a person a bit too rigid. A prison that takes away those other possibilities and experiences from you, just because you basically don’t allow time and space for them.

On the other side of scale, we can be “addicted” to sport or any other activity which is regarded as positive or good for us, but in reality, it can be a bit of burden as well.

In other words, it’s not entirely about the subject of your addiction, it’s more about the fact that you require some kind of external stimuli to feel joyous, happy, alive, acknowledged, loved, etc etc.

And that my dear friend, can take you back behind the bars of the same prison.

Addiction is usually just a substitute for some missing emotions. Addiction is also a distraction taking us away from the one thing we are supposed to do or be.

I don’t have any 3-step recipe here to get free of your addictions, but I am just saying that this subject is quite significant when it comes to what outlook you have, how you are perceived by women, how attractive you are to them and also, how you see yourself, how happy you are with yourself, and that’s what counts the most.

I would just suggest, to sit down, somewhere you can think and reflect on what addictions are currently controlling your life. Name them, even out loud, write them on piece of paper and have a think what can be done with it. Maybe ask questions like…”How can I change it?”, “What can I do to release this addiction from my life?” “Who do I need to meet or call or find who’d help me with it?” “What awareness and emotions I am trying to avoid here by engaging in this addictive and compulsive behaviour”? “What action can I take to interrupt this pattern?” etc etc. Ask few relevant questions that can shift your focus to the way you can deal with it practically. And deal with it!

Even by doing something about it, you get huge dose of energy and confidence and by eventually letting the addiction go entirely, you’ll feel like a super hero.

And again, who is going to notice your newly regained power and confidence? The women around you…and trust me, each and every one of them find it hot and turning on.

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