Times of feeling stuck or not sure where you're finding yourself or where to go from there happen in everyone's life. First, don't judge yourself for it and second, read below on how to move to a space and energy of clarity and direction.

Tool I'd like to introduce here, has been around for centuries and has been quickly gaining on popularity in last few decades. It’s being used in Business as well as Personal Development area.


This is a useful tool for when life has gotten out of balance, such as suffering from workaholism, getting burned out, or generally being unsatisfied and not sure why.

It’s been very effective in helping people to become more effective and satisfied with their life even if they are not burned out or unhappy. The idea is to identify the areas, dimensions or aspects of your life and arrange them as areas or spokes around a wheel.

The circle represents your life, the whole of you. The pieces of the pie, or spokes, are the parts of your life: the areas, roles, or aspects of the whole. You assess those aspects and create a graphic. The idea is to assess these parts of yourself, of your life and see if there are important things you’ve been neglecting, or things you’ve been giving too much of yourself to.

Consider each area and on a scale of 0 (low) – to 10 (high), write down the amount of attention/energy/time you're devoting to that area of your life.

Wheel of Life is used to identify what we need to do when life is out of balance, for instance, when the wheel shows us that all our attention is going to work and we are ignoring our health or needs for fun and recreation.

The purpose of this exercise is to make sure our wheel, the whole of our life, is balanced, all aspects or needs fulfilled in the right way. When one aspect of your life becomes the focus and the others are neglected, the wheel is out of balance. We know what happens to an out-of-balance gets wobbly and is likely to crash. Our wheel, your life, needs to be balanced.

Score your satisfaction levels against each of the different categories you have on your Wheel. Take your time doing this. Put yourself in a place with no distractions and reflect on your life as a whole.

Business/Career: Is your career where you want it to be by now? Are you heading in the right direction?

Finances: Your ability to manage your money effectively, save, budget, and invest. Are you earning enough income to satisfy your current needs? Are you financial setup for future growth in wealth?

Health: Your physical health and well-being. How physically healthy are you? Are you satisfied with your level of fitness? Are you satisfied with your diet?

Family and Friends: Is your family supportive of you? Are you supportive of your family?

Romance: Includes your primary intimate relationship. Do you feel loved by other(s)? How often are you expressing love to others?

Personal Growth: How focused are you on personal growth? Are you satisfied with your direction? Are you trying new experiences and seeking to learn? How connected are you to the inner and outer world? Are you satisfied with your relationship with your spiritual being?

Fun and Recreation: Are you enjoying your life and making it fun? Are you satisfied with the level of activity that you do?

Physical Environment/Community: Includes religious/spiritual communities and other group activities. How would others rate your contribution to society or them as individuals?

If you have scores of 8 to 10 for any of the categories, congratulations! You are very satisfied in this particular area. It’s important you maintain what you are doing to ensure you remain satisfied in this area, however don’t overlook that there may be areas for improvement. This is important to ensure you are not limiting your potential for even further growth and satisfaction in this area.

If you have scores of 5 to 7 for any of the categories, you are reasonably satisfied in this particular area but there is definitely opportunity to explore ideas to move this up the scale.

If you have scores of 0 to 4 for any of the categories, you are not very satisfied in this particular area and you will need to explore ways of enhancing your satisfaction here. No need to get down about these scores though, as scores of 0 to 4 are full of opportunity! I find this as quite exciting when someone has a lower score as often is the case the individual has not fully explored opportunities that are available to them. It’s also the area where the individual can grow the most and get the most value!

I encourage you to answer the below questions:

Why did you score yourself in each category the way you did?

What is my ideal score for each category to achieve in the next month, 3 months, 6 months, one year?

Where are my biggest gaps in satisfaction levels?

Which area of my life do I primarily want to focus on to enhance my satisfaction levels?

The key is to find the balance and that is the beauty of the Wheel.

To do this, you want to grow your Wheel, not balance your Wheel by trading off in some areas of your life. It’s about moving forward, challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries to expand your Wheel and make it bigger while maintaining a balance.

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