- would you do with being more relaxed down there in the centre of your sexual power?

- do you find it difficult to get turned on and all open easily?

- or on another hand, do you 'explode' way to quickly?

Of course, there can be various reasons for that, some are of emotional nature, some got to do with the connection you have or don't have with your partner/lover, some traumatic past experience, way too stressful lifestyle, etc.

Whatever it is, I might just have the right tool for you here...

Ever heard of TRE? it's short for Trauma Release Exercise...and again what a goldmine this is!

It's super simple to learn & perform and yet, it can really invigorate and relax you in a matter of minutes. I won't go into details here on how and why it works, I talk about it elsewhere, or you can look it up online, but if you like to get to know your body a bit more and wanna change your current state of being, give it a go.

First off, find yourself a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and where you feel good and relaxed. Then, do a few preparatory exercises such as few squats or wall squat, just to tire out the muscles a bit, so that you’re less in control and the shakes can come more easily.

Lie on your back in a butterfly pose, soles of feet together, knees bent out to the side and every couple of minutes bring your knees towards each other inch by inch and hold. Super super slowly! Soon, you’ll feel your inner thigh muscles engaging and there’s a slight tremble. These are your shakes coming out. As your knees come higher the shaking becomes stronger and you can even feel the tremors traveling up your spine. If you don’t, it’s fine too. After a few minutes, when your knees are almost vertical, the shaking gets stronger. You might be shaking and wobbling and jerking almost comically. Just go with it, don’t judge it, relax and simply let the shaking happen.

Five to 15 minutes of shaking are enough for a first-timer. When you want to come out of it, just slide your feet away to lie flat, take a couple of minutes lying down just to integrate the experience and relax before sitting up.

If you have a rather stressful life at the moment, you can do this practice more often, couple times a week. There is no harm whatsoever doing it. Have fun!

P.S. feel free to get in touch for more guidance if unsure

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