Updated: Jan 28, 2021

many of us blame our current circumstances on what has happened to us in the past, what has been done or shown to us, where and how we grew up, what imprint we've received from our family and peers, etc. etc...and yes, all that leaves a mark, sometimes even a scar or two. but that's not the end my friends, it doesn't have to define us!

but luckily for us, there is another way and fairly simple. instead, every day, every moment of the day, we have the possibility to choose something different!

all it requires is our presence, getting out of the victim, the robot mode. and how is it done? by consciously choosing and even saying it out loud. like for example..."today I choose to be content or happy, in peace, strong, disciplined, supportive, open-minded, loving" etc., whatever your topic or theme is. keep on reminding it to yourself as often as possible! don't stop at saying it once in the shower in the morning, keep on going and replaying it in your head again and again.

an obvious example is when we were learning to drive or cycle...with repetition and conscious decision/determination/choice, we went from the killer-driver to a "race driver" ;)

in a nutshell, this ability to change some aspect of ourselves is like a muscle...we train it, we practice it and it grows...simple as that.

few questions/tools you can use:

- "what have I defined as parameters of my life that keep me from being ...?" (and whatever sticky or heavy feelings, emotions or energy comes up, breath it out, scream it out, let go of it) - "everywhere I function from the identity I created in the past, I let go of that now!" - "what else can I do or be, to have absolute clarity and ease with my current situation?" - "what else can I do to change it?" - "what other possibilities of experiencing my life the way I truly desire there are, that I haven't considered, acknowledged and implemented?"

us humans, we love to focus on what doesn't work, what's horrible about our life, how we got hurt, etc. we are real champions in this approach. and the reason being is...this attitude of surrender is comfy. we've been there, we've done it, we even like it by now, it's familiar...but for god sake! let's stop wasting our time and energy and be bold, fresh, widely awake and as joyful as one can get!

- "what if the unfamiliarity of being is exactly what is required for our life to turn from dull to abundant, potent and alive?"

keep choosing what you truly desire, day and night! stop focusing on what's wrong and switch to the opposite. remember this saying, whenever indulging in the unease, the hurt, or whatever else..."where attention/intention goes, energy flows" (meaning - where you put your attention, that grows, that keeps on occurring)

again...keep on choosing what you truly desire (to be or have)!!!

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