There is vast amount of tools and ways how to be in the state of blissful and loving awareness. Many of them come from the outside though, from the external stimulus such as our partners, our kids, the job we do, nature, to name a few. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but to rely and weight our happiness on any of those can be somehow fruitless in the long run. I have discovered this jewel called Gratefulness not long ago. And I am talking about the kind of gratitude that comes from the very depths of my being. The one that connects me with all there is and that opens my heart welcoming everything and everyone in it. One that electrifies me and has the power to see and feel the love without the condition.

what we are, what we do and what we have is not enough...

For some strange reason, the virtue of gratitude as a constant state of mind is somehow forgotten, not being practiced. I believe it is partially due to fact that we are taught and pushed to unconsciously strive and aim for more, that what we are, what we do and what we have is not enough. It’s this constant pursuit that shifts our focus from here and now to tomorrow, the week or month later. The promise that when I get something done, when I become or achieve this or that, I will feel better with myself, I will feel fulfilled and happy.

Imagine you can dip into this state of bliss and unconditional love whenever you want, no matter the outer conditions. Imagine the joyous choices you’d make and manifestations that come out out of them. Imagine the ease and peace that will fill your space and space of those around you. Beautiful picture isn’t it…

Mr Joe Hoare…the Laughing Yogi Master

And yet, it’s as simple as brewing your morning cuppa. The simple practice I share with you here has been shown to me by one of my great teachers, Mr Joe Hoare…the Laughing Yogi Master.

Just before going to bed, write down at least 3 things you have appreciated that day, something you are grateful for. It can be as “trivial” as really tasty breakfast, the seat on the train, the smile from the fellow passenger, sun in the sky, easy traffic, etc. It can (should) be your body that allows you to exist, the nature that surrounds you…it can be anything, small or big. It’s good to include the small things too though.

What this practice creates in your daily life is the awareness of what is happening around you. It puts and grounds you into present moment. You start noticing what you haven’t seen or felt before. It can enrich your life experience tremendously and lift it up to a whole new level and heights. In time, your end of the day list of things you are grateful for can be as long as a whole page or two. Just keep on going, don't stop there, until the state of gratitude is as organic as your breathing in and out.

Enjoy! x

“The more grateful I am, the more to-be-grateful-for-experiences there are”

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