I am 100% sure you’ve got your own fantasies about the most erotic sexual experience you can imagine. Something you’ve been secretly dreaming about for, ever, really.

Like for example...threesome. Or a secret sex on the public, or a oral on the train or, a dressed up sex, or a bit of dominance in the bedroom, whatever it is, big or small, particularly the small things too.

I invite you to write all that juicy stuff down on the piece of paper and ask your partner to do the same and one day, one night when you have all the time for yourselves, maybe after a drink or two if you feel it will be easier, go ahead and read from your list to your partner, present it to one another. Somehow decently if you feel it might be way too much to ask.

It all very much depends on the level of trust and intimacy you have with each other. The more trust and connection, the wilder you can go I can imagine. So when both of you uncovered your deep secret desires to each other, go ahead and either jump on it straight away...

or maybe just fix a sex date night, or a day for the special occasion.

Ohh god, yes, I remember when I was writing my own list, I was soo aroused even writing it down. It can be also very bonding this whole “exercise”. Also, by relieving your secrets, you somehow ease up into them and same goes for your partner.

Just a word of advice. If you feel like your partner might not be as open as you would like, start with small things, don’t go straight into “what about a threesome with your super-hot twin sister”...that just might piss her off big time.

But remember it doesn’t have to be only the big things. And it doesn’t need to be written down or discussed beforehand only either. As much as this practice is precious and can really invigorate your sex life, in a nutshell, in simple terms, it’s teaching you an open communication about sex. So if you feel like this is too much at the moment, just start with something like, “can you give me blow job while I am standing and you’re on your knees, honey?” "or can you tie my arms up dear"? And I bet you, your partner will not say no.

Encourage your partner to open up and ask you to do something you’ve never done before. Either because she/he was embarrassed or was simply scared.

An awesome side effect to this is that your sexual confidence will grow with it exponentially. You will feel much more relaxed in your body in your actions. And same applies to your partner. This practice or exercise or how to call it is a delight, trust me and give it a go. This is exactly the perfect example of newness, the change and the unpredictability in sex that turns you on instantly. Go ahead, go wild and have fun! ;)

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