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How much space in your daily routine there is for the unknown, for the new and exciting?

What if the change you've been so eagerly and wholeheartedly asking for doesn't have any space to manifest in your reality?

That is our nature, to plan our days ahead, step by step, hour after hour, not leaving any gaps. And yes, in order to be effective in areas of our life that matter to us, we better pre-plan, prepare and schedule. But what if we ask or wish for something more, something juicy, maybe not even knowing what it is, just feeling this pull towards the greater. Yet there we are, occupied from dusk to dawn, focusing on the known and predictable all day long.

Simply reserve an hour or two in your day, even few minutes is fine. Put it even in your calendar and call it, “time for magic, the reflection time, now is the time, a nap” or whatever else comes to your mind.

Start by sitting or lying down quietly and ask few simple questions, such as:

- “What is it that I am not allowing to do or be, that will contribute to my life greatly?

- What would it take for me to welcome and explore the unknown with ease, joy and curiosity?

- What am I refusing to see, feel or sense, that would cheer me up and others around me?

- What different can I do and experience that will make my heart sing?” And any other question that comes up for you…

You don’t need to look for answer straight away, just observe, be still, present, see if your body is giving you any sensations, nudges or ideas. It may tell you to stay laying down, put some calming music on and meditate, you may feel the need to go out to the woods or for a run, or even for shopping somewhere you haven’t been to yet. You might get the eureka, the light bulk moment, or all the courage you need to move on, or you don’t get much at all. Aim of this exercise is to get out of the known, of the routine and therefore invite new possibilities to your life. It can start small and evolve over time, or it can be as quick and strong as a thunder. Either way, it has tremendous power to assist you with your dreams and desires.

Make space…make space, trust and know, that the unknown will never let you down.

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