Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Your presence is crucial, your presence makes you the man. Men are presence.

This is what a woman wants more than anything. A man who is completely there with her, preferably at all times, under all circumstances.

“Woman will follow a present man to the ends of the earth, and chop his balls off when he goes unconscious”

One of my favourite authors, Mr David Deida's line, which I adore and completely agree with.

And yet, that is exactly what we are best at, going unconscious. To be driven by the auto-pilot, the robot mode, the mode where we just breath, unconsciously of course and thank god at least for that mechanics and where we act based on what we know already, what we learned and what we’ve been through, where we’re just looking but not seeing, where we’re just thinking, but we just don’t know anymore.

As you know, women have many talents and gifts, but the one that is somehow the most developed is to recognise when men is not fully present, in other words, not fully erect. And I’ve chosen the word erect as a synonym for presence deliberately, because that is exactly what it means, in this scenario.

How you erect to the world is how erect you are with your woman”

So what do I mean by being present? The whole lot, mind, body and soul. In other words, being present mentally, physically and emotionally. Being present mentally means to focus fully on what we are doing that given moment.

By being present physically I mean, being there with all your physical senses.

And by being present emotionally, I mean, being able to recognise and honour your feelings, being able to experience them fully without getting uncomfortable. It means allowing yourself to be vulnerable and being able to articulate what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it. And then directing the energy from your emotions into constructive action.

I talk great deal about presence and how to increase presence in all areas of one's life in my course "The Supreme Lover", which is available on my site. Link below.

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