Updated: Nov 3, 2019

There are a lot of factors that contribute to man’s success and happiness. But there is one major factor that brings sustainable and long-term effect in all areas of life, and that is self-discipline.

Once you are set out on the road to self-discipline, your life is going to improve MASSIVELY.

What self-discipline demands is a little control in you to avoid irrational behaviour.

Life is simple if you have self-discipline and difficult if you don’t.

There are many reasons why to cultivate self-discipline, so I will just name few here. You become more productive, more efficient, you’ll be in charge of your life rather than just a passenger, you’ll have sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and direction in life, you’ll be more self-reliant and your health and relationships will improve greatly. Self-discipline, is like any other skills, it can be trained and improved.

Let me give you few simple ways to improve it.

1. Write Down Your To-Do List and Learn to Prioritise. Write down even the small things, like for example the hot water with lemon in the morning, or just one coffee instead of three.

2. Start small, don’t do or change everything at once, for best result, pick just one thing at the start.

3. Schedule breaks, treats, and rewards for yourself.

4. Remove distractions and temptations.

5. Use visual reminders. In whatever form, stickers, reminders on your phone or computer, whatever works for you.

6. Identify and change your bad habits, more on this topic and importance later.

7. Surround yourself with right people, people that will motivate you and empower you rather people pulling you down with them. As well, more on this topic later.

8. Reward yourself for sticking with it and don’t punish yourself if you don’t. Acknowledge it, accept it and forgive yourself and move forward.

9. It’s very helpful to have an accountability buddy. I highly recommend it, preferably another guy, a friend, someone who is able to tell you what he thinks.

10. Celebrate when you achieve. Your body as well as your mind will love it and give you an extra fuel to do it again.

Last but not least. Super important. Remember that “failure”, even though I don’t really like that word that much, well anyway. So called “failure” is always part of succeeding. Sooner or later there will be less and less of those wobbly moments.

Have fun!

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