There are countless ways how to make sex more alive, more fulfilling and I will just introduce you to one of them here.

I understand that most of the time, there is a certain order in how and what we do during sex. We touch, we cuddle, hug, we take our cloths off, kiss her on the neck, touching her back, her ass, her tits, stimulating nipples, going down touching her clitoris and by now, she might be ready for us to enter her, so we do, a bit of slow missionary, she gets on top, bit of doggy style and if all goes well, she comes, we come, cuddle, big old yawn and good night.

This is what I like to call the linear way, and us men, we generally love everything linear don’t we.

And yes, it does work, but we forget that as women are different in many ways to us. I am sure you noticed, many women like change. They’re like water, fluid, one moment going there, another moment, without any particular reason, going elsewhere. That’s they’re nature, that’s what they are and me personally, I love them greatly for that.

They keep on reminding me that impermanence is real, that it’s not just a construct.

Why am I saying it here? As if you mix up what you do, during the whole experience, from the very start, if you change the order of “steps” of what you normally do, it kind of brings up the sense to her, “who is he now?” “what is he going to do with me?”.

And this whole notion of unpredictability constantly increases her level of arousal, it evokes and brings extra passion to her, to both of you really.

With this approach, you will be basically talking to her in her own secret and unspoken language and they will love you for that, she will crave for you even more.

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