Establish a profound connection

Some of you might ask, “why would I want to establish a profound connection?”. “I just want a proper hard-on and 'get on with it'. And yes, I hear you, but luckily for us, women's ways vary.

Yes, women want to have a strong confident and successful man next to her, they want to be fucked hard now and then, but I am sure you noticed, women are most of the time guided by their hearts. Women are all about aliveness, fullness, love, receiving, vulnerability etc etc and all these qualities have one common source, their hearts. Therefore, as much as she appreciates all your masculine qualities, most of all, she desires to be touched inside, cherished, nourished and connected with on a deeper level.

Nowadays, more than ever before, there are thousands of women out there, rather being alone than being in a superficial relationship. In other words, if you want to touch her down there, you first need to touch her up there...her heart.

So how to do/be it?

I will focus these tips on, while you are together, having an intimate moment. First is to realize and know, that her whole body is an erogenous zone. Yes, even her toes, well, actually, especially her toes. Anyway, what I am saying is that, explore her body, every single inch of that beautiful instrument. Don’t disregard any of her parts just because you don’t find them sexy for example.

If you learn all her hidden areas and spots that bring her even the slightest of pleasure, then you can play her like an instrument, where you are the virtuoso and she is just melting away in bliss under your touch, stroke, and kisses. However, when touching her, do not touch her with the intention to excite her, touch her with love, with passion and kindness and wholeheartedly. Quality of such touch is different and truly turning on for a woman, she does recognize it, her perceptiveness is always tuned to the max, she feels and senses it all.

OK, another tip. Slow the fuck down! Don’t rush and instead enjoy yourself doing what you’re doing. By enjoying yourself, you increase your own perceptivity and when you do, you can sense her pleasure even more...another win-win situation. Unless the quickie is all that you both want...

Last bit of advice. I talk about presence and its importance in man’s life a lot, and the same goes for being and staying present with your partner when having sex.

Increase quality of your presence with the woman, either by eye contact, a bit of communication, asking her questions, obviously not too much, and also having a laugh, have fun while having sex.

There is always some kind of “awkward” moment during sex. For example, when changing positions, when putting the condom on if you use it, her biiig sneeze that catapults your penis out, your bed brakes, whatever it is, laugh about, it will put you into the present moment and it will relax both of you very much. Drop the facade of pride and seriousness for one night, it will surely work a treat for you and your partner.

Obviously, there are many more ways how to connect with a woman, here I just touched on the topic. If you’re curious and want to find out more, why not to check my course “The Supreme Lover” here. It’s fully loaded with many treasures!

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